Products Trends for 2018 across Big Stores: Amazon / eBay / Etsy

There are a lot of steps you can take to improve sales at your online store, but it all begins with choosing the right products. Starting with products that you are passionate about and/or personally use is a great idea, but you should also approach your product choices from a business standpoint. You want to make sure there is a demand for your products so that you can enjoy some profits. With that in mind, here are some product trends for 2018 that you should be aware of:

Moon Lamps


One look at this item and you will understand why it is a big seller. Moon lamps are a fun, unique and affordable product that falls under a variety of categories. They make great gifts and are easy to ship and both adults and kids love them.

Dog Water Bottles

This is one of those practical, commonsense products that we all wish we would have thought of. It also doesn’t hurt that the American pet industry earns over $60 billion a year. People love to spend money on their pets and they love a cool gadget. This product checks all the boxes and provides pet owners with a convenient and portable way to keep their pets hydrated while on the go.

Phone Accessories

Consumers might just love their phones more than their pets. At the very least, they don’t leave home without their phone, which makes phone accessories the perfect products to sell. In recent years, phone grips and stands have increased in popularity and sales show no sign of slowing down. If you can find and sell the next big phone accessory, then you stand to make some big money.

Portable LED Projectors


These devices allow you to project movies, sports games and any other media onto wall or surface to create a larger screen. You can set up an outdoor movie night or watch championship games with your friends. Any electronic gadget is going to be a big seller and these products are great because they are compact and affordable.



In the age of smartwatches, when it seems like almost everyone has a mini-computer strapped to their wrist, you might be surprised to learn that watches will be a big seller in 2018. Sleek, dressy, minimalist watches are making a comeback. Look for products with quality leather bands and thin faces. These are all the rage and represent yet another item that is easy and affordable to package and ship.

 Athletic Wear for Women


Female Millennials represent a huge demographic that loves to spend money on athletic wear. Leggings are an especially popular choice and bestsellers for merchants. Try and find a variety of sleek, black options and more quirky, fun patterns that will help your store stand out from the rest.

Trends for Esty


While Amazon and eBay sell a wide variety of products, Etsy caters to artists and shoppers who are looking for one-of-a-kind products. For that reason, their trend predictions for 2018 are a little bit different, but not all that surprising. Based on past performance and key market indicators, it looks like home décor and jewelry will continue to dominate. The real challenge with Etsy is that you are trying to sell in a highly saturated market. It can be difficult to grab the attention of shoppers when there are thousands of other shops selling similar items.

Tips for choosing the Best Products to Sell

It is always great to look at trends, but there are some other factors that you should take into consideration when choosing which products to sell.

  1. What is the competition like? Jumping on a trend might mean that you get lost in the crowd. The more popular a product is, the more likely it is that the market is already saturated with sellers. That is why it is a good idea to find niche products that are unique.
  2. Is the product fragile? If you are just starting out, you may want to avoid selling fragile products that can result in broken merchandise and negative customer reviews. Stick with more rugged products until you have mastered the world of packaging and shipping.
  3. How large is the product? Again, it is important to take shipping logistics into account. If you are going to be spending a lot just to have items sent across the country, you might consider a smaller product that won’t eat into your profit margin.

How Channel Lister Can Help

When trends start emerging, it is important to start selling as soon as possible. If you hesitate, other sellers will beat you to the punch. With Channel Lister, you can quickly and easily list new products across multiple channels and ensure that your products are put in front of consumers who are ready to buy. With our inventory management software, you can also closely monitor supplies and make smart decisions when it comes to ordering, storing and shipping inventory. Channel Lister is the best tool you can have to better manage your ecommerce store and make sure that you are leading trends instead of playing catchup.